Sweaves (sweaves) wrote,

My weird dream.

I'm in my home, my wife goes off to work. suddenly in the other room, Heather Morin and Sarah Robbins are making lots of noise because they live in the other room and are getting ready for a wedding they designed, Sarah can't find her big floppy red hat that goes with her dress, and Heather is super excited to show me three tiny yellow rain jackets (the plastic children's ones). I make the comment that I had one of those as a child, maybe even the exact same one (I notice a school logo, which in my dream is the logo of my kindergarten). They finally get ready and I congratulate them on designing a wedding.

I go into the kitchen and start boiling some Ramen noodles for my mom, and then it's off to college orientation.

My dream skips forward to the end of the orientation, and it's a big college, so there are shuttle buses set up around the campus to shuttle us around, but at some of the stops it's just buses home, this is where my trip goes south. I hear Kristen from work taking about how she loves her new house, which in my dream tells me I'm at the wrong bus stop. I take a look at the sign, and my concerns are true, I am at the bus stop, not the shuttle stop, as this handwritten sign is red, and I need a yellow one. I go to look at all the other signs, all going further and further in the wrong direction. I yell to all the other people there "Hey this is the back of the building, isn't it? So if i go straight through I'll be in the right place?" and they all give their worst "what an idiot" groan and say yes.
I run to the building, which winds every which way, I keep having to ask which way to go, which no one is willing to say. I keep finding arcades and libraries and hallways that dead-end, but no luck. Finally I find a muppet skee ball attendant who is willing to help me, but he has nothing to write on, so I pull out a pad of paper and he starts drawing directions.

I go running around the building again, which involves running into and out of the building and hopping fences, which leads me to the back side of a classroom that is apparently about making jeans and clothes, because there is pants strewn everywhere on all the tables, and people are going through picking out which ones they are going to haggle over. This leads me into a huge cafeteria where thousands of chefs are all cutting up sushi on what I can only describe as bleachers where every other bench is a factory belt that takes the food. I have to navigate around all these belts and behind kitchens are around the place until I finally get through it.

After a bunch more maze hallways I have to go back outside and jump a fence, when I realize it's been way too long and I should call my mom to stop the boiling noodles, but I notice that my backpack I've had all this time is gone, so I must have lost it in the cafeteria. I of course run back into the muppet arcade attendant, who informs me that now it's too late and everyone is out of the cafeteria, so I will have to go find the lost and found and it's probably all in there. He starts drawing another map when a Rip Taylor type guy comes along and tells me he can show me where to go.

Luckily, the office and lost-and-found are just in the next door, where i find a room just full of random junk laid out. I find my computer right away out on display, and show that it's mine because when you open the start menu the administrator's name is Sweaves (ps not really on my computers in RL). I then find my backpack on the next shelf, and go to take them, but then the lost and found attendant takes me over to a machine where she scans the backpack and out prints the id of the person who turned them in (in case anything is missing from my stuff i know who to arrest). I start going through my backpack, and she then informs me that i have to pay a fee to get my stuff back. Turns out this lost and found extorts the customers. The fee is as follows (note included in the reciept)
$2.50 for the backpack
$1.50 for the cell phone
$1.00 for the wallet
$14.99 for the laptop (It's valued at $1400 don't you want it back?)

While the attendant's back is turned to find her money box, I grab the paperwork and run. This is where I run into more dead-end hallways that spin around like a fun house leading to exits through the vents, and I keep hearing camera crews in the other branching hallways filming reality shows about college students doing... whatever.

Finally I've found the right shuttle stop, and get seated. When I go through my backpack to get my phone, I find the ID of Jessica Lasek, but the last name is something along the lines of Hulslandfrond or something. I make a mental note to return it when I get home, and call my mom, who informs me that she had fallen asleep and now the house is filled with smoke how could I be so irresponsible (apparently in my dream the college open-house (did I say orientation earlier?) was only going to last 10 minutes). Suddenly my wife pops into the seat in front of me, and I inform her my mom had fallen asleep so now the house is smoky.

And then I woke up. Weird, right?
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